Unexpected Difficulties Running Errands With COPD

Preventing Fatigue and Shortness of Breath

If brushing your hair and applying makeup is difficult, choose a simple short style, and sit at a vanity table where you can rest your elbows on the surface while you apply makeup and comb your hair.

Plan your daily activities ahead of time, and don’t schedule too many activities for one day. If showering and going shopping is exhausting, try taking your shower the night before you go out instead.

Wear comfortable clothing that is easy to put on and remove if you have a busy day planned. Take advantage of meals on wheels or foods you can prepare easily.

Conserve Your Energy

Make lists and prioritize activities by importance. Are there activities you only perform out of habit? Are there more efficient ways of completing tasks than the way you currently perform them?

For example, do you go and pay bills in person when it would be easier to send checks or pay online? Do you always make meals from scratch when there are easier ways to prepare meals?

Do you really need to vacuum your floors as often as you do?

Taking shortcuts is a smart thing to do. It is much more important to conserve your breath and energy so you can enjoy life and stay healthy rather than having a picture perfect home or gourmet meal.

Shop Smart

When you grocery shop, take advantage of the free motorized shopping carts if needed. Don’t be afraid to ask for help carrying groceries to your car.

Figure out whether a large shopping trip infrequently or several small trips to the grocery store works best for you. You may opt to take advantage of the large warehouse stores that sell in large quantities. Go infrequently when you have assistance to shop for bulk, cleaning and household products.

Save Energy While Doing the Laundry

Do one load of laundry rather than several. Just because large bottles of laundry soap are inexpensive, does not necessarily mean they are the best choice for you.

Use dry powders, individual packets or laundry soaps in small containers. Liquid detergent containers with spouts and do not require lifting are economical, easy-to-use options.

Be Active, Stay Well

The keys to being active and staying well with COPD are planning, increasing your general level of wellness, and careful thinking. Rather than simply completing tasks out of habit and suffering from an increase in COPD symptoms, stop and think about their causes. Then take actions which prevent and diminish your discomfort.

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