Common Drugs That May Be Causing Kidney Damage Has Just Been Released

Our bodies are built to move, to combat sicknesses and infections on their own, and have built-in ways where they can handle situations naturally. Nowadays, there are a large amount of us who are on several medications that disrupt our bodies natural flow of taking care of itself. Have you ever wondered what the side effects of taking all of these medications really are, and how it can impact our overall health?


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Medications are sometimes looked upon as a quick fix. For example, we may be suffering from a headache because we didn’t drink enough water the day before. So what do we do? We reach for the medicine cabinet to grab some Excedrin or Tylenol, and carry on with our day. However, if we just drank enough water like we should have, we never would have had a headache to begin with. Also, by taking the pain medication instead of waiting it out, we didn’t give our body a chance to fight the headache on its own.

By the time we hit a certain age we’re told to take all sorts of pills and prescriptions to keep our bodies in check, but are these pills truly doing our bodies good? How can they be when we see those TV commercials that have a longer list of negative side effects than the list of positive side effects from a particular medication? Our bodies are supposed to be able to combat conditions on its own. Instead, now we are taking man-made pills that were not naturally derived from the earth, which then re-engineer our bodies and how they fight illnesses and infections.

After decades of relying on unnatural medications and taking pills prescribed by our doctors, take a guess at what that is going to do to our bodies in the long run. The TV commercials we see daily foreshadow what can happen to us in the future. The commercial will say that by taking their pill your ailment will go away, but with a cost. A cost that you may have to deal with later on down the road.


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According to the National Kidney Foundation, they warn that every single pill or medication you have ever taken has had to pass through your kidneys at some point. So imagine now how many pills or prescription medications you have ingested during your lifetime. Did you follow the instructions on the label exactly how they were written? Self-medicate? Did you ever use illegal drugs? If you didn’t take the medication how you were supposed to or if you didn’t follow the recommended dose per your doctor’s instructions, you may have damaged your kidneys which could lead to kidney disease some day.

If you are wanting to know which drugs can harm your kidneys and later lead to kidney disease, here is the list from the National Kidney Foundation:


-Angiotensin Converting Enzyme (ACE) Inhibitors





-Illegal Drugs


-Naproxen Sodium

-Nonsteroidal Anti-Inflammatory Drugs (NSAIDs)

-Sodium Phosphate Laxatives

According to the Cleveland Clinic, some dietary supplements can also be hazardous to your kidneys as well, even if you have a clean bill of health. The important thing to remember is to be aware of what the side effects are of each and every medication you take. Follow the instructions completely as prescribed by your doctor. Also, let all of your doctors know every single medication you are taking, especially if you have multiple doctors that have been prescribing you multiple medications. This is the best way you can safeguard yourself from damaging your kidneys, which can ultimately lead to kidney disease or kidney failure later on down the road.

Watch this video to learn more about kidney disease.

If you are unsure of your current kidney health status, or if you may be already experiencing kidney problems, there are tests your doctor can do on you to check out your kidneys. If you are concerned about the health of your kidneys in any way, it wouldn’t hurt to make an appointment with your doctor just to double check.


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