4 Tips on Putting the Perfect Makeup From Eyes to Lips


If you’re one of the many millions who likes to take time with getting their makeup right before they leave the house, you already know that an hour is never enough to achieve the right look. Some would contest that putting on makeup is an art as much as it is a skill, and to some extent that might be true. It can be pretty tedious and time consuming to put on makeup in the morning, but it’s really not something you can skip out on. Want to find out how you can put on the perfect makeup without spending too much time in front of the mirror? These 4 easy tips should give you perfect results in record time.

4 Tips on Putting the Perfect Makeup from Eyes to Lips

1. Eyebrows – They say that eyebrow game is the only game. Sometimes, all you need is a pristine pair of eyebrows, and you’re good to go. Achieving the perfect brows depends on how well you put your powder or pencil. To get the right brow thickness and shape, take a brow pencil a shade lighter than your natural hair and trace along the bottom edge of each brow. Take your brow brush and spread out the pencil mark throughout the rest of the brow for a light, perfectly shaped result.

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2. Eye Makeup – A lot of people make the mistake of slathering on too much eyeshadow and liner when applying eye makeup, but that doesn’t have to be the case. Avoid looking like a circus clown just had a meltdown and try to go with something a little more natural. Put on some volume enhancing mascara and curl your lashes to your heart’s content. Then take some shadow just a shade or two darker than your own skintone and gently rub it across your lids for the perfect, everyday no makeup look.

3. Foundation – One of the reasons why foundation tends to crack throughout the day is because of the release of oil from your pores. Make sure your face is prepped for foundation by giving it a thorough cleanse before you put on any makeup, and keep a trusty powder with you to touch up during the day.

Perfect Makeup, www.makeupandfitness.com

4. Lipstick – That lipstick might not be the best way to apply color to your lips as the one’s available in the market aren’t shaped according to your lips. Take a lip brush or an old lip gloss applicator and dab it on your lipstick of choice. Use this to apply the lipstick to your lips to maintain the natural shape of your luscious lips.


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