Beyonce Gets Some Bad News From Canada Thanks To Her Black Panther Tribute At Super Bowl


You have probably heard by now, or you watched the actual event, that Beyonce thought it would be a good idea toincorporate a Black Panthers tribute into her Super Bowl 50 half-time show performance.

The blow back has been severe and Beyonce is realizing that paying homage to a radical and violent militant group might not have been the best idea.

Now, it appears that she is going to have trouble with some of her future performances including an upcoming show in Canada.

From Conservative Tribune:

The American singer and songwriter is scheduled to play at the Rogers Centre in Toronto as a part of her “Formation” tour in a few months, but if Toronto councillor Jim Karygiannis has his way, that performance may not happen.

Karygiannis said he wouldn’t ban the pop star based on the Super Bowl halftime show alone, according to theToronto Sun. However, he questioned if perhaps “Immigration Minister John McCallum should have her investigated first?”

“She or [some of her dancers] could be found not eligible to enter this country,” if it’s discovered that they financially support the New Black Panthers, Karygiannis explained.

Artistic expression is a great thing.  But maybe next time Beyonce will think about whether or not she should honor the Black Panthers and play an anti-police song during the biggest sporting event on the planet.

The Black Panthers were an extremely violent group that advocated for killing police officers.

Thoroughly inappropriate to glamorize them in front of millions of people.

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